Software Collection Manager 1.3: Catalog your software collection, make CD`s and Web Sites...

Software Collection Manager 1.3

Software Collection Manager can make Software CD`s, DVD`s or even create a Software Collection on a USB Memory Stick, allowing you to quickly install your favorite software on another PC. Software listings can be generated for printing or documentation, whilst project files allow the user to quickly remake a previously created disc or generate a new disc. Standalone Software disc`s can be created to sell or otherwise distribute (licenses allowing

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ReportCD Collection Manager 1.59.2: Catalog & manage your CDs, DVDs,  music, movie, software & MP3s collections !

ReportCD Collection Manager 1.59.2

ReportCD is a powerful disk cataloging software and also a all-in-one collections manager. ReportCD is designed to help you maintain and organize your disk collection (CD-ROMs, DVD-ROMs, Hard Drives, Removable Rrives, USB Keys, and all other disks which are recognized by your Windows system), your movie collection (DVDs, DivX,...), your music collection (MP3, audio CDs,...) , your game collection,your software collection and other collections.

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Collections MAX  2.4: Collections MAX is FREE debt collection software suite

Collections MAX 2.4

Collections MAX is a FREE multi user Windows based debt collection software designed for collection agencies and attorney offices. Collections MAX can completely automate your debt collection accounts using user defined business intelligence. Some of the features of Collections MAX includes client trust accounting, integrated payment system, everything you need to run a collection agency!

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Professional Coin Collecting Software 2.0.3: Coin Collecting Software for hobbyists, collectors and numismatists

Professional Coin Collecting Software 2.0.3

software out there. Where other programs become unwieldy as a collection grows, PCCS actually becomes more powerful the more coin data you put into it. Key Feature of Professional Coin Collecting Software (PCCS): *Manage and maintain detailed data for all of your coins in one powerful software database *Sort and filter your coin collection by coin type, cost, grading authority, grade, etc. *Save photos, documents and attachments alongside each coin

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Debt Collection Manager 1.0.2: The Debt Collection Manager is designed to track your accounts receivable.

Debt Collection Manager 1.0.2

The Debt Collection Manager is designed to track your accounts receivable for multiple companies, print invoices, and remind you of past-due accounts. This program is designed to be quick and easy to use to track all of your customers. In today`s business environment, having delinquent customers is commonplace. The Debt Collection Manager software was created specifically to assist businesses in managing their debt collection activities.

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Generator wcm music 011: Your music software download and computer music resource site with a huge collec

Generator wcm music 011

Your music software download and computer music resource site with a huge collection of well over 6000 music software programs listed. The biggest Macintosh Music Software collection and related links on the web Click here to add Shareware Music Machine to your del. bookmarks. Music Machine Recording Studio is located in Bergen county NJ - New Jersey in the city of Hackensack. We are ten minutes from Manhatten - NYC - NY - New. The Bonniw

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Recovery Report-Debt Recovery Management Software 2012: Manage an unlimited number of cases with this program

Recovery Report-Debt Recovery Management Software 2012

The Recovery Report provides a full range of Debt Recovery Management functionality. It can handle an unlimited number of Cases & Clients. Our Recovery Software is ideal for Collection Agencies, Banks and Insurance Companies. Maintain case and recovery details in a single location. Identify noteworthy items for quick retrieval or search by events and individuals to view perspectives and relationships that might otherwise go unnoticed.

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Sportscard Organizer 2.0: Software to help you keep track of your sports card collection

Sportscard Organizer 2.0

collection of baseball, football, basketball, hockey, soccer, NASCAR, golf, and non sports cards. It`s even flexible enough to organize your sports memorabilia collection. Manage your complete collection in one software and keep track of the price of your sports cards over time. Features include: Allows you to keep track of star cards as well as commons. Keeps a record of a card`s price over time. Print several types of reports for your collection

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Software Icons Collection 1.0: Software Icons Collection with over 1100 Vista Style Icons

Software Icons Collection 1.0

The Software Icons Collection is a suite of beautiful vista style icons for web and software developers. Here you will find essential icons such as devices, people, documents, and much more. Each icon is provided in jpeg, gif, bmp, ico, and png format. Vista Icons are known for the realistic appearance and larger color palette. Being a leader in professional icon design, VirtualLNK is happy to present this latest offering.

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WorldCoins 2.0.27: Software solution to organize and manage with ease any kind of coin collection

WorldCoins 2.0.27

This software solution is both a coin organizer and inventory software program for everyone who wants to have a complete and detailed inventory of a collection of coins as well as keep up to date this collection with ease. Add as many coins as you want with its relevant information and attach up to four images for each coin, find a particular coin or groups of coins with the powerful search function on eighteen different fields and much more...

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